The Gallery

A play on the idea that galleries, museums, and other labeled spaces cannot exist without the people who interact with the space under the "rules" of that labeled space. The people experiencing a gallery is just as much part of the gallery experience as the objects within that space.

The Gallery is represented in two parts:

The Invitation — only received by exclusive museum-goers that ironically leads them to a web url accessible by all. Included are stickers with which the receiver can "influence" the space of the invitation.

The Gallery "Space" — a website. Once the invited arrive in "The Gallery," they scroll through the website, at first as a passive viewer of surveillance footage in a museum. However, once they reach the end of the gallery, they are faced with a live video stream of themselves through the webcam. This footage is then projected back into the physical gallery space as part of the gallery, thus the viewer becomes the viewed.

Mock-up of the site coded in CSS.