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IDEO U Brand Refresh

After two years of rapid growth, IDEO U's brand had expanded organically and needed a guiding concept and rules for consistency. 

The new brand refresh took elements from the original logo and developed a unifying concept that tied the visuals to the mission.

The visual identity utilizes folding and unfolding paper as a metaphor for unpacking creative potential and revealing the pervasive benefits of design thinking. The simple image of folded paper communicates the tactility of prototypes in a playful and human way.

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The new logo is scalable and emphasizes the brand's connection with IDEO to earn credibility as leaders in design thinking. 

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A bold new color palette can be used throughout the brand in imagery, type, and backgrounds

Top-down shots of folded paper in brand colors are the main imagery used throughout the brand. The abstractness of plain sheets of paper allows for different cropping of the same photo to be used in many different forms.

Illustrations and motion graphics help to explain abstract concepts of design thinking in instructional videos. Each class has its own unique graphic style that fits within the
brand family. 

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The concept of the folded paper is carried through in every element of the brand.

Sketches from an alternative modular logo direction initially explored.