Buy Bye Bye Buy

The title of this project, "Buy Bye Bye Buy" or "ばいばい売買" is a play on the phonetic similarities between the English words "bye" and "buy" and the similarly pronounced Japanese words with the same meaning. 

Buy Bye Bye Buy includes "Taking Home The Japanesque Aesthetic," a book about the appropriation of Japanese culture in the home.

The book shows articles that advertise ways to turn your house more "Japanese" or more "Asian" in ways that filter culture through an orientalist lens.

A physical interjection of the spread reveals a more accurate example of a "modern Japanese home" while also discussing the dangers of cultural appropriation.

The book is packaged within a tote bag that uses the logo with Japanese characters as decoration. Along with the book are informational posters and visual representations of the book that "users" can use to spread the message beyond him or herself. This packaged set is an educational tool against cultural appropriation.

Assignment for Type III

RISD 2016

Instructed by Jan Fairbairn