Arbitrary Identities

Arbitrary Identities is a set of 12 cards and
a guide book archiving the Tumblr meme,
"The signs as..."

In order to emphasize the arbitrary nature
of this meme, I took answers for each sign
from real Tumblr posts out of the context
of the meme and into a card set, called "Arbitrary."

"Identities" is a guide book that then re-places the meme back into its original context in print form. The reader is able
to see everything from the URL down to the background of the poster's tumblr theme.

The book can only be read collaboratively. 
The reader can only find out his or her zodiac
identity by asking a secondary person to read the meanings from the opposite side of the book. This interaction represents how the zodiac sign meme is essentially a stranger who knows nothing about the reader assigning roles for that reader.

RISD 2016

Design Studio III 

Instructed by Paul Soulellis